Would you like to surprise your girlfriend or wife?

Women like to receive gifts and displays of affection that make them feel valued by their partner. That is why, whether in courtship or marriage, it never hurts to surprise her by organizing a special night in which she remembers because she is with someone on our side.

Casa Carmen Restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy a couple’s evening, have a good conversation and taste the best gastronomy of Spain in an establishment thought so that your diners have unforgettable experiences. Eating in the restaurant not only can you book a table, but also arrange a perfect evening in which the waiters will be accomplices of all the surprises you have in mind.

Casa Carmen is the best place in Seville to enjoy a unique couple’s night. They will be in a nice, elegant place with one of the best views of the city, with live music. The reputation of this place is your best letter of introduction. For years it has been the setting of marriages and golden wedding anniversary of important personalities.

Casa Carmen is a place where couples can communicate very well and share what at times you can not by the routine and responsibilities.